Thursday, November 4, 2010

CSN Review...

So excited to post my CSN review!!! I looked through just about everything on their website (they have a TON of stuff on the website, so thats saying a lot), but just couldn't decide. Then it occurred to me, "Hey! Our blender broke last week, so why not get a blender?". :) So i got a blender!

This is my blender! :) We used it just last night in fact, and it makes the smoothest smoothies ever!!! This thing is seriously awesome. And, it was only $25! Yes you read right, $25! I love it. And the price. :)



  1. woo! i just ordered a knife block from them lol

  2. so fun! i love making smoothies with a blender, yum.

    i have to decide what i want to review's so hard to pick!

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  3. I love smoothies and milkshakes! I like slushies, too. Did you know you can make them in the blender? I'll give you the recipe if you like. My family's blender broke a little back, so I have had to use the little stick blender! The little stick one can't handle ice, though!



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