Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Only The Cutest And Coolest Purses EVER!!!

Okay, so my super talented grandma recently opened up an etsy shop with handmade purses! She is super crafty and an awesome sewer; she doesn't give herself enough credit for it though! :)

Here are my favorites in her shop!

O.M.G! I love this one! Such cute Amy Butler Fabrics!!! The bow on these style purses can be used as a headband or a belt!

These purses are reversible! This one has zebra print oilcloth inside!


So go check out these listings and get one for yourself! :)


  1. Those are fantastic! I like them a lot too. How neat to have a crafty family!

  2. i love the second one thats all pinky!

  3. How cute! I don't know what's cuter, the purses OR the fact that your Grandma has style and an etsy shop! Love the top one - I use that fabric alot. :)


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