Sunday, February 20, 2011

Pom Headband Tutorial (And Fabric Review)

Let's start this tutorial! First off, the supplies you need is:

Glue Gun (and glue sticks of course!)
Felt (for the back)
And another cute fabric!
Before we start, i want to share with you where i got my adorable, gorgeous, stunning fabric! I got it from a shop on Etsy called Fabricana. It came in the coolest burlap sack and the fabric itself is wonderful! All of her fabrics are super affordable too! So go check it out!

Okay, step 1: cut a circle of fabric and pinch it like shown. Put a little hot glue on the bottom and put it on your piece of felt.
Step 2: continue doing this until it gets a full look (i think i used about 10 circles).
Step 3! Glue the pom onto your headband and you are DONE! Yay!

 The pictures really do not do it justice! This headband is even more gorgeous in person!

*you can also make this into a pin! i want to try that out sometime. :)


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  1. so cute!!! i love this look :) i need to whip out my glue gun more often!


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