Tuesday, October 9, 2012

{Finding a perspective}

i don't consider myself a people person. well i didn't anyways. but that has all changed recently. rewind 1 year. every day, sitting at home, only seeing myself and my family every day. not involved in church, only going every other sunday. the only people i socialized with was my grandparents and aunt. but recently, God has been working in my life, calling me to be involved. calling me to have a thirst for Him, for His word. calling me to fellowship with others. i found out that our little neighborhood church had a youth group for young kids- young adults, so i went, and i was beyond nervous. my heart was beating out of my chest. it wouldn't be a big deal for most people, but it was for me. i wasn't used to meeting new people, and i would have to meet everyone at once. but i pushed back the fear. i went in. it was the best decision i ever made. i felt God's presence over me, and so many wonderful, generous, loving people were introducing themselves to me. now i call this place is my second home. these people are my close friends. and now i have a deeper, more intimate relationship with Christ. Choose joy!

Mucho Love,

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