Monday, October 8, 2012


sometimes it's hard to be happy. as simple as that. if it's monday, if it's raining, it puts a damper on my day. i struggle with finding good in the bad. i think of myself as an optimistic person, but sometimes it's a struggle. as my youth leader would put it, our hearts are like a sponge. and throughout the week, that sponge gets squeezed, and all of the joy comes out of it. it keeps getting squeezed and squeezed when we face trials, but when we seek God, he pours joy onto our sponge (heart, rather! :)). i try to remind myself of this every day. it's easy to be depressed, unhappy, and mean. but you HAVE to choose to be the light. the hands and feet of Jesus. spreading joy to family, friends, and strangers. so, today, no matter what you face, choose joy.

Mucho Love,


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