Sunday, September 12, 2010

Happy Sunday!

Happy Sunday Ladies (i'm guessing my readers are ladies, haha)! The weekend is over. I'm kinda sad, but also excited to craft all week! My weekend has been soooo fun. Well, mainly today. :) First off, we went to look at Academy to see if they had any go-carts we could buy (exciting, right? the thought of owning your OWN go-cart!), but they didn't. Okay it starts off bad, but it gets sooo much better. THEN, we decide to go to a local place called Crocodile Gap to ride go-carts! That was beyond fun. I kind of hit my dad's go-cart a million times (on purpose). :)
Then we went to Dominoes to get pizza.
Then we decided to go swimming.
Then we decided to watch football.
Then we decided to eat ice cream!
You can see why i am raving about this weekend.


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