Thursday, September 2, 2010

Wierd And Funny Things About Me

Hello! Okay, the inspiration for this post is from Miss Jess. :) I decided to share 5 funny/wierd things about me:

1. I scream like someone is murdering me when i see a bug

2. The food on my plate can't touch

3. I have to eat every last bit of the condiment (s) on my plate- seriously, to the point of licking my plate if i have to! :)

4. I absolutely HATE changing plans. I freak if someone changes a plan.

5. I like to carry my dog around the house. Normally this wouldn't be weird, but she weighs 30 pounds. :)

I hope you got a good laugh!



  1. hahaha. i love that i inspired you to write weird and funny things about yourself. ;] kind of sound like my husband haha. none of the food on his plate can touch each other. and he's kind of like that about changing plans too. but he's ocd. hmm...i'm worried about you. hahaha jk. andddd i really want a dog. the end!


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