Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Shop Update.

This time i'm not announcing that i'm going to have an update, I'm announcing i already had one! :) I'm not totally done yet (i will finish up listing tomorrow). Guess what? I am introducing SUPPLIES to my shop! I am so happy with them. For right now, i only have scalloped circle dictionary page cut outs, but i hope to get more of a variety later this month or early next month. Oh, and i am already past being ready for fall (before it even started, huh.), now i am ready for Christmas! Haha!! :) Here are the things i listed:

Set Of 10 Scalloped Circle Dictionary Page Cut Outs; $1.50

These are perfect for scrapbooking!

Set Of 10 Scalloped Circle Dictionary Page Crown Stamped Cut Outs; $1.50

I love these!

Oh, and i listed this headband:

Orange Zipper Flower Headband; $4

Cute, right? :)

♥ Xoxo.

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  1. I wish headbands didn't give me headaches. That one is so cute!


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