Friday, October 8, 2010

8 Questions

My bff Jess tagged me. She is so sweet to think of me! :)

Now i will answer her questions:

1. if you could change your hair color for one week, what color would you pick?

Ooh. I'd have to choose red hair. My sister has red hair, and i have always wanted to have it, but i think i would get tired of it if i had it as my own hair color permanently.

2. if you had to lose one sense (sight, touch, smell, etc), what would it be?

I think smell. You don't really need to smell as much as you need to see or hear, right? :)

3. where do you go to have fun?

Oh lots of places! If i had to choose 1 i would say the mall. A bunch of stores in one building, i mean what else could a girl ask for?

4. what is your favorite junk food treat?

That's a toughie! I love all junk food! Haha! I think i would say cake. Especially ice cream cake. So bad, yet so good. :)

5. how'd you meet your significant other (or best friend, if you don't have a significant other currently)?

I met my best friend while playing miniature golf. Funny story actually. :)

6. why would your life make a good reality show?

Well, i think because of how funny our family is and how many silly little fights our family gets into (not mean fights, just silly pointless fights, haha). And because of how much we joke about each other. :)

7. show the most adorable picture you have of your pets. or child. or whatever is cute to you (a picture of me is always acceptable).

Well you said a picture of you was acceptable! Haha! :)

8. if there was a movie made about you, who would you pick to play you?

Hmm... Taylor Swift. I don't know why. :)

People i tag: Paige, Elycia, Sarah, Jana, Sammy, Mckell, Danielle, and Aubrey. :)

My questions:

If you had a million dollars, what would you do with it?

If you could pick your name, what name would you choose for yourself?

If you were to take a vacation anywhere in the world, where would you go?

If you had all of the crafting supplies in the world, what would you make?

What is your pet's name?

What is your favorite flavor of ice cream?

What is your favorite sport?

What is your favorite kind of M&M's?



  1. hahahahaha i love that you put a picture of me. thats awesome. i love all your answers. xoxo ♥

  2. lol i like ur answers! thought that crazy person looked familiar :p


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