Sunday, October 17, 2010

Fun stuff.... And Favorites

This weekend has been awesome! It was super special also, because it was my parent's 15th anniversary! :) They are so young- only in their 30s! But my mom looks like she is 19 (in case you are reading this mom! Haha!). Anyways, back to the point, there is going to be some pretty awesome stuff going on my blog! There will be a review and giveaway tomorrow, a giveaway on the 20th, and another on the 2nd of November! So definitely keep your eye out for some awesome stuff from some awesome shops! :)

Oh, and also, i figured that i haven't done a favorites post in forever, so here goes! :)

And adorable crocheted headband by my friend miss jess. :)
This is so stinkin' cute! I kinda bought one....

And that is all!


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  1. thanks babe!! arent accessories seriously the best addition to any outfit? :]


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