Thursday, October 14, 2010

I'm really sorry guys!!! Will you forgive me? Please!? :)

Hi guys! First of all, i am super sorry i haven't blogged lately. Long story short, i have been on a 2 week long vacation to Boerne, Texas!!! It's so beautiful here!!! Our days have consisted of feeding ducks by the lake and shopping downtown! I really wish i had pictures, but i forgot my camera! Ugh! But i promise i haven't forgotten my blog! I have been checking it every day, but i just haven't had any time to write posts!

But, (drumroll, please) Some big news!!

Do you remember that post way back about opening a new shop? Well i am! A button shop! It is going to be totally awesome! I havent listed anything yet,. but i have the banner and stuff up. You can see it HERE. Tomorrow i will start listing awesome retro buttons, so keep your eye out! :)


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