Thursday, December 23, 2010

Answers For the Q&A.....

Hi! Thank ya'll for your comments on my Q&A post! I know its a day early, but here are the answers to your questions...

-what are your favorite hobbies besides crafting?

Hmmm... I like to: ride by bike, paint, eat (umm this is a no-brainer lol! :)), and i like to play outside!

-do you want to go to college? if so, what would you get a degree in?

I don't really want to go to college, i personally think that the man should go to college. Thats just my thoughts. But i have always wanted to be a veterinarian, and i am pretty sure that would require a degree. :) So we'll see, but for now, no! :)

-what are your favorite colors?

Pink and light turquoise. So cute!

-what's your favorite school subject to learn about?

Definitely science, i like to learn about the earth, and i absolutely love to learn about animals.

-what is your favourite craft?

Oooh! I love so many! I guess my favorite craft is making felt bow bobby pins (you should see them in my shop sometime in the spring or summer!), but my favorite craft i EVER did is probably make a felt iphone case with retro buttons on it. That was fun!!! :)

Thanks guys!


  1. I always love reading the q&a posts on blogs; it's such fun to get to know the person behind the words in a new way! :) By the way, I got your sweet card in the mail today! Thank you so very much, and yes, we can be BFFs ;) haha
    I hope you have a wonderful Christmas, dear!

  2. yay for Q&As! i wanted to be a vet too, but it is a lot of schooling and you have to be super smart. which i'm pretty sure you are so it's definitely a possibility :]


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