Friday, December 10, 2010

Some newish items that i may not have showed you....

HELLO!!! :) That should wake you up! :) Sorry for the lack of blogging lately. My grandma is here and things have been going by super fast! I was hoping to get Christmas packages out but with time kinda running out i may only get 1 or 2 out. :( Well i thought i would show you some newish items in my shop that you may not have seen in case you are looking for some Christmas gifts (*winks)! :)

this very well may be my favorite item in my shop! My mom helped me make it and i just love the colors!! ;)


p.s. if you convo me, i will give you a discount on the item you like! Never be afraid to ask! :)


  1. Thanks! Since you are such a good reader of my blog, i would be happy to give you a discount if you convo me! :)



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