Sunday, December 5, 2010

It was a special occasion....

So i curled my hair. Yesterday was my little brother's 3rd birthday party. Happy Birthday honey!!! Love you! Hehe! We went bowling with our grandparents. We are very competitive. We like to make teams and go against each other. This time it was boys vs. girls. Guess who won? Girls!!! Yay. :) So back to my hair, lol! The night before the party i took a shower, so afterwards i curled my hair with my fingers (wierd? maybe, but i don't care! :)) and put it in bobby pins. I slept with my hair in curls all over my head! It was very uncomfortable but worth it because this is what i got (sorry for the bad pics i used photobooth on my Mac which is definitely not known to take the best pics! Lol!):

*please excuse the zits on my face- i am working on it..



  1. Yay that girls won!!!

    Try braiding you hair (while it's wet) and let it dry for a funky effect!

    Boo for pimples!!! They are SUCH a pain!


    P.S. Can't wait to see the winner of the giveaway from your shop!

  2. awh! my hairs not long enough to curl properly.. well.. not the way i want it :)

  3. so cute Zoe!
    love it curly :)
    you are such a cutie.

  4. You are so cute, Zoe!! :) The curls are lovely!

  5. beautiful. My hair is to long for curls but I love sleeping with it up wet in a bun, in the morning its wonderfully wavy


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